Hieroglyphics Lettpress


Hieroglyphics are one of the oldest forms of visual story telling. Traditionally scribed in stone, brick and clay, their images hold narratives over time. This work is a contemporary homage to this tradition, utilising letterpress to imprint parchment to tell a story.

This hieroglyphic work was hand drawn, converted into a steel impression plate and individually hand pressed into primed card on an original Albion Letterpress in Auckland, New Zealand.

Edition: 1/50
Dimensions: 450mm x 320m
Press type: Deep impression
Shipping: Please allow 7-10 days
Artwork comes unframed
Ink: Silver Van Son rubber pasted ink
: 450gsm acid free Wild Board, 35% cotton
Primer: Stock hand painted with matt black gesso primer.
Authentication: Hand signed, numbered and dated 2018.