Back Beach Hieroglyphics


Back Beach Hieroglyphics, West Coast Taranaki, New Zealand.

Sharing both the Tasman Sea & Pacific ocean, New Zealand's coasts are consistently defined & redefined by the seas that surround us.

Back Beach is a remarkable dichotomy; idyllic & secluded on calm days with a variety of beautiful coastal islands, marine reserves and renowned surf beaches. Yet the beach has an ominous side to it, where vicious storms, erratic swells and scorching hot black-sands can make it unbearable, and at times, dangerous.

I grew up not far from this unique landscape and spent much of my youth swimming, exercising and exploring the area by land and sea. I revisited the area to install this work during a winter westerly, producing the work and capturing it in the peak of it’s turmoil.

Part of an ongoing series, this body of work pays homage to the dynamic & ever-changing landscapes of New Zealand, through carving temporary hieroglyphic stories into their surfaces using hand & tool. Shortly after installed, our environment swallows up the markings and return the sites to their natural form. The works are preserved through photography print only.

Edition: 1/30
Dimensions unframed: A2 (420 x 594mm)
Dimensions framed: 525 x 725 mm
Stock: 260gsm Luster Photographic Stock
Inks: Ulta-Chrome HD, Colorsure
Authentication: Hand signed, numbered and dated 2020.
Installation size: Aprox 250sqm
Tools to produce: Rake, DJI Mavic Pro with Hasselblad camera.
Shipping: Please allow 7-10 days domestic, 14 days+ international (Covid & Christmas may effect these timeframes).