Bas-relief Hieroglyphics

This edition is a return to a classic. Bas-relief is an ancient art making method where works are produced by adding to, or subtracting from, a surface. The oldest known bas-relief artworks date back 30,000 years across Egypt, Assyria and Persia. 

Here, I used plaster to raise the imagery off the surface to create the hieroglyphics. Raising the glyphs gives a slight height to the images which delivers a sense of depth and shadowing in the artwork, depending on the lighting and how it’s hung. As such, this artwork can be both subtle or bold. 

The glyphs are a collection of some of my more known & requested motifs. The works are individually handmade, created with plaster applied through a stencil mould.

Edition: 1 / 50 limited edition
Stock: 300gsm acid free Hahnemühle
Dimensions: A3 (420 x 297mm)
Dimensions framed: 730 x 530mm
Shipping: Allow 5 to 7 days (NZ) or 10 - 14+ days international depending on your country. Please ensure you select the correct method at checkout. 
Materials: Plaster on paper
Authentication: Hand signed, numbered, dated & stamp emboss.