Body Hieroglyphics limited edition


From the Ancient Egyptians in c.2660 BC, through to influential modern day painters and sculptors such as Harring and Picasso - the human body has been a cardinal subject in art across time, geography and culture.

This work playfully compartmentalises the human figure and portrays various bodily shapes & forms as solitary hieroglyphics. I studied life drawings and made miniature human sculptures to reference in the work.

The works are handmade and produced to make each piece a unique variant. Each piece has a unique colour & finish composition, created with stencils and 8-nude tones of aerosols.

This work is a rendition of an old series of work I begun in 2016/17 after revisiting some of my archived paintings. This edition is released in conjunction with 6 original fine artworks.

1 / 50 limited & variable edition
Stock: 300gsm acid free Hahnemühle
Dimensions: A3 (420 x 297mm)
Dimensions framed: 730 x 530mm
Shipping: Flat packaged - allow 7 to 14 days
Materials: Aerosol
Authentication: Hand signed, numbered, dated & stamp emboss.