"Essentials" - Original paper artwork


About this work:
Sketchy guy at the park provider of essential goods & services 

About the series:
The idea of a ‘meme’ was coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins, in which ideas act as vessels that carry cultural information & symbolism, which spread between people. 

Online culture then appropriated & popularised the term ‘meme’. The first digital meme went viral in 1996, and since then memes have become an influential part of how cultural ideas, information and humour is spread across the world. Memes & their comment-sections provide endless entertainment, an insight into our psyches and prove to be a good inspiration for art.

For this on-going series, I leaned into online culture for inspiration, then repurposed and remade stories I found online. The work is sarcastic, satirical and crude - just like the internet.

Edition: 1 of 1 (original works)
Stock: 300gsm acid free Hahnemühle
Dimensions: A3 (aprox 420mm x 297mm)
Shipping: Flat packaged - please allow 7-14 days

Materials: Acrylic, enamel and finished with gloss clear-coat.
Authentication: Hand signed & stamp impression certification.
Framing: Available for additional $500+shipping. To arrange, please contact info@andrewjsteel.com after ordering.