“A Toast” - Hand embellished linocut

Linocut printing is the process of hand carving an artwork into a soft surface, inking it and then pressing a medium onto it, to transfer the image. By hand cutting, hand inking and hand pressing each work, linocuts allow for unpredictable variation in prints. Each piece is unique.

This is my first linocut print. The work revisits the human figure as a single hieroglyph. This was as a conscious experimental step away from my usual anamorphic forms and ‘busy’ compositions; freezing a single figure in a moment of making a toast.

Each work was individually hand printed, then hand embellished with airbrush. Linocut prints tend to be flat & graphic, but the airbrush shading adds depth and further individualisation.

Edition: 1 / 30 limited & variable edition
Stock: 300gsm acid free Hahnemühle
Dimensions: A3 (420 x 297mm)
Shipping: Allow 5 to 7 days (NZ) or 10+ days international. Shipping cuts off on 21st December.
Materials: Water-based print medium & acrylic aerosol ink.
Authentication: Hand signed, numbered, dated & stamp emboss.