Lake Wanaka photographic print


Lake Wanaka Hieroglyphics, South Island, New Zealand.

Freshwater shapes New Zealand's inlands. This work was installed downstream of the sprawling Southern Alps mountain ranges, in an alluvial river formed from snow & ice melt that feeds into lake Wanaka. These regions give us great snow, crystal clear waters and unique wine growing conditions.

The temporary hieroglyphics were carved into the land using hand & tool, split across the mainland and a small river island in -2°C. The mainland portion was frozen silt, and the island was icy river stone. It was one of my most challenging installations to produce in these temperatures and required a river crossing.

Lake Wanaka itself took shape over 10,000 years ago from glacial melt. At 277m above sea level and at depths 311m deep, the lake is the 4th largest in New Zealand. Early Māori used the area for hunting & fishing, followed later by European settlers during the Central Otago Gold Rush.

Part of an ongoing series, this body of work pays homage to the dynamic & ever-changing landscapes of New Zealand, through carving temporary hieroglyphic stories into their surfaces using hand & tool. Shortly after installed, our environment swallows up the markings and return the sites to their natural form. The works are preserved through photography print only.

Edition: 1/30
Dimensions unframed: A2 (420 x 594mm)
Dimensions framed: 525 x 725 mm
Stock: 260gsm Luster Photographic Stock
Inks: Ulta-Chrome HD, Colorsure
Authentication: Hand signed, numbered and dated 2020.
Installation size: Aprox 100sqm
Tools to produce: Garden Hoe, DJI Mavic Pro with Hasselblad camera.
Shipping: Please allow 7-10 days domestic, 10-21 days international (Covid may effect these timeframes).